You have probably heard about 3D printers, but probably does not have one at home. These machines are becoming more popular and leading to profound changes in the market to offer a choice between mass production and customization of industry and manufacturing. 3D printing is the boundary between the physical and virtual, the digital and the real world.

However, it is misleading to think that 3D printing is something new, the technology has existed for 30 years. What happened in recent years have been some breaks patent which consequently resulted in the fall in the price of these printers, making them accessible even to the end consumer. Today one can find 3D printers as little as $ 100

Plastic, ceramic, plaster, steel, aluminium, titanium and even bio-compatible materials as well. In all that time, 3D printers have evolved to the point that it is now possible to print just about anything, from objects of high strength to those that simulate the properties of rubber, for example.

With popularity came some controversy. Last year, a U.S. group of Texas released on the Internet a file 3D parts needed to print a firearm. In a few days the file was downloaded nearly a million times.

The printed gun is almost entirely made ​​of plastic. Only a small piece of metal comprises part of the firing mechanism. And the production is not so expensive, and the used printer  was bought on the internet for $ 8000 dollars. Well, the point is that like any other technology, the dilemma is always the use we make of it: for good or for evil.  BBC video here.

But if there are people thinking about guns, others focus in life. Another recent announcement that has to do with 3D printing refers to a device that saved the life of a baby in the United States. In an unprecedented procedure in medicine, a child with severe respiratory problem had a bioabsorbable tube created on a 3D printer deployed in the bronchi and only then could breathe normally for the first time. Video of the baby's story here.

3D printing is present in various segments: in construction, auto-mobile industry,  development of implants, fashion and is already said to the incredible possibility of replacement of some organs and movements of the human body.

Thus, although other controversies arise as the printed weapons, 3D printing is powerful and could revolutionize our daily lives. Have you ever imagined being able to print your own medicine? Medicine is a field that has much to gain from 3D printing .

How about you, what do you think of this technology? Did you know about these possibilities? Do you believe that this type of equipment can really revolutionize medicine and, suddenly, to the food? Check it out this awesome video of a wrench being 3D printed!