After the suspense generated with the counter available on the official website of Ubuntu until yesterday, finally announced the long-awaited news: the Ubuntu operating system for mobile phones.
Canonical sought to provide a better experience leveraging the edges of the screen. On the right edge you can switch between open applications with a simple drag. On the left you see the application launcher, which remains hidden until it is invoked by the user.

At the top a bar similar to that in other mobile systems, but smarter. Through it you can easily search inside your device and switch between the available indicators in the upper right corner. And the ledge below, you will find the traditional application-specific controls.

Moreover, Ubuntu for mobile phones, as well as Ubuntu for Android, through a dock allows you to connect the device to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and use it as a computer, allowing you to carry your computer wherever you go.

The feature à la Ubuntu for Android is available only to high-end devices, while other devices will only run the mobile operating system.

When Canonical released the Unity idea was to provide a similar experience on any device running Ubuntu. With the release of Ubuntu for mobile phones we can confirm once again that the initial philosophy has been maintained. This similarity is important, because besides friendliness, allows us to be productive regardless of the device we use.

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, gave a more detailed presentation in a video, explaining details about  the goal of Ubuntu for mobile phones, plus details facing developers, operators and OEMs.

The Canonical CEO, Jane Silber, ranked the product as the most important ever released by the company. According to the company we will have a device with the operating system later this year or latest by early next year, as well as images available for installation on some devices soon.

Furthermore, the system will be officially shown at CES 2013, which will take place from today 8 to 11 January in Las Vegas, where we'll probably have more news. According to Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager, in the event Canonical will be meeting with OEMs and operators to try to provide mobile devices with Ubuntu as soon as possible!