If you have got back problems switching back and forth between keyboards and mice on your desk you need Synergy.

Synergy is an easy to set up open source application that allows you to share the keyboard and mouse of your main PC between multiple networked computers in your desk that are different platform like Mac, Windows and Linux.

The transition between the computers using the shared mouse and keyboard occur without any problems or complications, just move your mouse off the edge of one computer's screen on to another. Note that for this to work both machines have to be on the same network.


1 - Download the Synergy software on both machines. Click here to go to the Synergy webpage.

2 - Choose the download for your respective Operating System. For this tutorial, I demonstrate how to use Synergy to share a keyboard and a mouse between Windows 7 machines.

Once the installation for both is complete follow the instructions on screen:

Photo 1 (Choosing main computer as a server)

Set the main computer that has the keyboard and mouse you want to use as a server.
Note: There can only be one server in your setup. The other machines will act as client.

From the window below make sure "Server" is checked.

Photo 2

Then click the "Configure Server" button to see the next window and configure the client(s) position and name;

Photo 3

1 - You should be in "Screen and Links" tab, if not select that.
2 - From this window drag the little blue screen on the top right and drop in one of the square (In the position in which the second (client) PC is in relation to the main (server) physically.) If the client monitor is to the right of the server, drag the client monitor to the square to the right of the server monitor.
3 - Once the client icon is in place you must double-click and rename it with the real name it has on the network
Note: To check the network name of your pc, right click on "My Computer" and
then on properties, you will see the name and workgroup of your pc in this screen.

Photo (Checking computer's name)

4 - When the client is configured, click the "OK" button and then click the "Start" button on the main window.

On the client pc:

1 - Select "Client"
2 - Enter the IP address of the computer acting as the Synergy server (PC where the mouse and keyboard are)
3 - Click "Apply" button
4 - Click "Start" button

Note: How to check the IP address of your PC in the Command Prompt:

1- Open the Command Prompt clicking in the Start button of your Windows 7 and
type cmd;
2 - Double-click in "cmd.exe".
3 - Type "ipconfig" without the quote marks and hit enter.
4 - If you are connected wirelessly you will find your IP like the photo below;
If you are on cable it will be under "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:"

Photo Command Prompt

Photo IP address

Now go back to the main PC and drag the mouse to the side where you put the client PC to share the mouse and keyboard between them. Done!