Having more storage space on tablets and Smartphones or to be able to use files that are on  USB sticks are some of the difficulties for users of mobile devices. To be able to download these files with ease, the manufacturer SanDisk introduced on Tuesday ( 11 ) the stick "Ultra Dual USB Drive" with USB input - to connect to a PC, and a micro - USB, which is attached to mobile phones and tablets.

According to the company, the flash drive allows you to store and backup data, and free up more space or simply transfer multimedia data between Smartphones, tablets and computers. The device has up to 64 GB of storage space and the two doors have retractable protection without caps to lose, but maintaining secure connections. An app called "Memory Zone", available for download on Google Play Store, lets you manage the content on your USB stick, organizing files stored in internal and external memory of the phone for management, viewing, copying and backup. Watch the video here.

SanDisk isn’t the first company to hit on the idea of a two-headed storage device. Sony announced its own line of two-in-one drives last December. But Sony’s models top out at 32GB, and the company doesn’t offer an Android file manager.