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Explaining and Managing Service Management Facility (SMF) - Oracle Solaris Administration

Posted by Rena Borges / Renata Shaw on Wednesday, April 1, 2015, In : Solaris 
Service Management  Facility (SMF) is a way to organize and manage the services in Solaris. It's a unified mechanism to manage the services Start / Stop, Restart services with dependencies. When the OS boot up the SMF run a Start-up Services Configuration for all the services with dependencies; Without Run Control (RC) scripts, it's easy to manage. If you come across a problem with one of the services you can take actions with the commands from SMF to manage the service. These actions can be...

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What is Boot Environment and How to Manage It

Posted by Rena Borges on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, In : Solaris 
Boot Environment (BE) is a bootable instance of the image of the Oracle Solaris operating system and of any other software packages  installed in this image. Think in your particular OS, let's say Windows 7, with all your programs and updates installed on it,  creating a BE of this OS is to have all your  programs and updates saved in a partition as a file, where you can boot in case the main one in use gets corrupted for instance. However, Boot Environment belongs particularly for Solaris be...

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Getting Information About Packages in Solaris - Image Packaging system (IPS)

Posted by Rena Borges on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, In : Solaris 
The pkg list command will tell you if a package is installed, frozen, obsolete or renamed under the column IFO.

I "i" = Package is installed
F "f" = If a package is frozen, you can only install or update to packages that match the frozen version.
O "r" = It indicates that package has been renamed.
O "o" = It indicates that package is obsolete. You cannot install a package that is marked obsolete.

reny@solaris11_2:~$ pkg list gedit
NAME (PUBLISHER)                                  VERSION          ...

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Identifying Processors in Solaris - psrinfo / psradm

Posted by Rena Borges on Friday, March 27, 2015, In : Solaris 
Usually a solaris box has several processors on-board. Here I show you some simple commands like how to enable / disable / spare the processors using  psradm.
When comes to troubleshoot hardware issues it comes handy.

-bash-4.1$ psrinfo
0       on-line   since 02/05/2015 13:36:38
1       on-line   since 02/05/2015 13:36:41
2       on-line   since 02/05/2015 13:36:41
3       on-line   since 02/05/2015 13:36:41
4       on-line   since 02/05/2015 13:36:41
5       on-line   since 02/05/2015 13:36:41
6   ...

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Changing the host-name in Solaris 11

Posted by Rena Borges on Friday, March 27, 2015, In : Solaris 

If would like to change the host-name in Solaris 11, it's quite simple and much simpler nowadays. You can basically do it in only 2 steps.
1 - First of all you should check the current properties of the system using svccfg:
svccfg -s system/identity:node listprop config
config                       application        
config/enable_mapping       boolean     true
config/ignore_dhcp_hostname boolean     false
config/nodename             astring     solaris11_2

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