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What can you do with a 3D Printer?

Posted by Rena Borges on Friday, February 21, 2014, In : New Technologies 

You have probably heard about 3D printers, but probably does not have one at home. These machines are becoming more popular and leading to profound changes in the market to offer a choice between mass production and customization of industry and manufacturing. 3D printing is the boundary between the physical and virtual, the digital and the real world.

However, it is misleading to think that 3D printing is something new, the technology has existed for 30 years. What happened in recent years ha...

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SanDisk launches pendrive for Android Smartphones and tablets

Posted by Rena Borges on Thursday, February 13, 2014, In : smartphone 

Having more storage space on tablets and Smartphones or to be able to use files that are on  USB sticks are some of the difficulties for users of mobile devices. To be able to download these files with ease, the manufacturer SanDisk introduced on Tuesday ( 11 ) the stick "Ultra Dual USB Drive" with USB input - to connect to a PC, and a micro - USB, which is attached to mobile phones and tablets.

According to the company, the flash drive allows you to store and backup data, and free up mor...

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