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Share mouse and keyboard with other PCs

Posted by Rena Borges on Monday, September 24, 2012, In : Open-Source Apps 

If you have got back problems switching back and forth between keyboards and mice on your desk you need Synergy.

Synergy is an easy to set up open source application that allows you to share the keyboard and mouse of your main PC between multiple networked computers in your desk that are different platform like Mac, Windows and Linux.

The transition between the computers using the shared mouse and keyboard occur without any problems or complications, just move your mouse off the edge of on...

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What is an Ultrabook?

Posted by Rena Borges on Tuesday, September 11, 2012, In : Ultrabooks 

Ultrabook! You have probably heard that name somewhere. So what is the difference between a conventional laptop and an ultrabook?

The ultrabook is a proposal developed by Intel that aims to offer laptops thinner and lighter than traditional laptops, but with a processing capacity greater than the current netbooks. The idea is that ultrabook can offer portability that tablets have, but with a greater range of possibilities.

According to Intel, for a notebook to carry the ultrabook name it must...

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