Posted by Rena Borges on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 Under: Apple

I have just read that iPhone and iPad owners are being watched by Apple! There is an application that tracks your automatic back up every time you connect to iTunes. This application makes a record of the places you have been according to the transmissions from the cellular tower triangulation. Regardless of whether you have GPS turned on, and whether you have allowed other applications to have access to your location Apple still records without your authorization. The data is very easy to access, and by default is not encrypted. In other to prevent the spying you have to choose to encrypt the back ups. With all the data fetched, the iPhoneTracker app can make an easy map of everywhere you have been, with date and time since you bought the device. Should we be somewhat concerned about such specific location data being available for anyone (or app) without our authorization? I think we should be!